Our Origins

It all started with a husband and a wife who heard God’s call to start a church in Waterbury Connecticut and made a commitment to go the distance. So in 2001, Casey and Patricia Sabella began to engage their community. In what began as door to door conversations about God with neighbors, the ministry quickly grew into small groups that met in the homes of dedicated volunteers.BLUE

The gathering soon outgrew a home-style setting, and so the group moved into their first church building and became Christ Community Church. With the help of committed friends and family, the ministry quickly took root in the community and and began networking with local ministries to help reach the needs of Waterbury. Through an authentic style of modern worship music, relevant and sound biblical teaching, and a family friendly atmosphere, Christ Community quickly became a landmark in the Greater Waterbury Region.

Then in early 2015 the leadership at Christ Community heard God’s call, again. This time it was a renewed vision and mission for reaching the people of Waterbury Connecticut, and eventually – beyond its borders.
So in November 2015, after months of diligent planning and preparation, we relaunched our ministry as Motion Church. M otion FINAL WHITE BR (Connect-Grow-Serve)

Why did we rename our selves “Motion” Church? Its simple; we want to move people in their faith! We remain ever committed to meeting the needs our of community, supporting families, teaching the exciting and powerful message of God’s love, and helping people reach their potential.

Our Vision

Our Vision at Motion Church is to be the epicenter of where people (from different cultures, ages, societal levels, and backgrounds) meet God, connect with Him, grow in their faith, and serve the spiritual and tangible needs of people – together!

Our Mission

Our Mission is simple, but powerful. We want you to CONNECT with God, GROW together, and SERVE the community. Together, we can make Waterbury a better place!