About Motion


Motion Church is a young, Christian, non-denominational church. We’re a new and young church, but our experience extends long before we began. Here is how…

On November 8th, 2015, our church ‘ReLaunched‘ from Christ Community Church to Motion Church. You may be wondering, “what’s a relaunch?” A relaunch is when an organization hits the ‘reset’ button, and begins anew. The former thinking ceases to exist, and the new focus is to adopt every element to focus on a new mission & vision. Our mission is to Connect with God, Grow together, and Serve the community. Everything we do is to grow our culture toward this mentality!


Motion Church is a contemporary and community-driven church located in the heart of Waterbury Connecticut. We are an amazing mix of the local community around us, from all walks of life. You don’t need to worry about ‘fitting in’ or being a part of a ‘cliqué’ in our community. If you’re looking to get plugged into a network of friends, chances are that you’ll fit right in!


When you visit Motion, there is no dress code and no appearance expectations – other than you arrive wearing clothes. We know that visiting a new church can be scary or even uncomfortable. Our goal is that you feel welcomed, comfortable, and valued while you join us; so our volunteers are ready to greet & assist you when you arrive!

Doors open at 9:30 am, and service starts at 10:00 am, every Sunday. Our cafe offers incredible donuts from the Brooklyn Bakery, great coffee, and a fantastic atmosphere for striking up a conversation with friends. Drop by our Information Table and fill out a Connect Card so that we can point you in the right direction, give you a gift, and answer any questions you might have.


ATMOSPHERE: Church services at Motion Church are best described as modern music, contemporary atmosphere, Bible-based teaching, and a media-driven environment. Attendees love our theatre seating. It’s very similar to visiting a movie theatre. If you want to stand and raise your hands during worship, great! If you’d like to sit and watch, that’s fine too.

WORSHIP MUSIC: We mainly use modern music styles, but we also appreciate other types of worship music which you’ll hear from time-to-time. On any given Sunday, you can hear hymns from long ago, songs from the radio, songs from other churches and even a few songs of our own. Our goal through music is to help lead people to experience and connect with God in new and deeper levels!

SERMONS: Motion has an extremely talented preaching & teaching team. Our message themes are fun, engaging, exciting, and meaningful. Each message is crafted (ahead of time) to speak to each guest wherever they are in life. We use media to enhance our Bible-based teachings with pictures, videos, sound, and even social media (i.e. Facebook Live). We’re confident that you’ll love it. Click here to listen to our sermons.