Become A Member


For people who are looking to take their faith and church participation to the next level, membership at Motion Church may be the perfect way to take that next step!

You may be wondering what the difference is between regularly attending church and becoming a “member” at Motion. Someone who attends, and even participates, frequently in Motion Church activities or ministries can be considered a “Regular Attender.” This may be the right choice for people who aren’t able to offer more of their time or commitment just yet. But for those who frequently participate, and want to dedicate their time and faith to do more, “Membership” is the right path to partnering with the ministry to fulfill its vision and mission.

CONNECT with God, GROW together, and SERVE the community.”

Membership is considered a lite commitment – 1 year to dedicating yourself to taking on a greater role at Motion Church. As a member, you’ll partner with one of our Sunday serving teams, get involved in helping meet the needs of people in our community, and go deeper in your walk with Jesus!

In just 4 easy steps, you could become a member at Motion Church:

Step 1: Submit your interest to our Motion Leadership Team.

Step 2: Complete the 5 online Motion Membership modules.

Step 3: Interview with one of our Leaders.

Step 4: Celebrate your commitment as a Motion Member!

To take the next step toward membership, or inquire into more information, please use the contact form below.